Conditions Treated

Spinal Stenosis results from new bone and soft tissue growth on the vertabrae reducing the space in the spinal canal. When the nerve roots are pinched, a painful burning, tingling and/or numbing sensation is felt from the lower back down to the legs and sometimes all the way to the feet.

New bone growth within the spinal canal causes compression of the nerve roots, which leads to the pain of spinal stenosis.

Cervical Spinal Stenosis
Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

About Degenerative Spine (Degenerative Disc Disease)

When back specialists refer to degenerative spine disorders, they are usually referring to a combination of problems in the spine that “start” with damage to the disc, but eventually begin to affect all parts of the spine.

Degenerative disc disease occurs as the interverterbral disc deteriorates. This is commonly a result of aging. Over time, repeated daily stresses and minor injuries can add up and begin to affect the discs in your spine. The disc eventually begins to suffer from the wear and tear; it begins to degenerate and loses some of its height and sponginess.