Case Studies

Degenerative spine disorders occur as the interverterbral disc detioriates. This is commonly a result of aging. Over time, repeated daily stresses and minor injuries can add up and begin to affect the discs in your spine. The disc eventually begins to suffer from the wear and tear - it begins to degenerate.

Cervical Stenosis
Case Study 01
Patient:  70 year old female has had a five year history of increasing weakness in arms and legs.
Treatment:  Posterior cervical laminaplasty, anterior discectomy and fusion.

Lumbar Stenosis
Case Study 01
Patient:  68 year old developed increased buttock pain especially when walking.
Treatment:  Lumbar laminectomy

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis
Case Study 01
Patient:  64 year old female with severe buttock pain when she walks greater than 2-3 minutes.
Treatment:  Laminectomy and fusion with instrumentation.